The Lone Star Used Submarine Company is the story of down-on-his-luck commercial diver, Buck Davies, whose lifelong passion for the ocean leads him to a dreary existence of underwater scrap salvage and broken relationships leaving him dreaming of a better life. He believes that his big break has come when he plans to outfit an old Soviet submarine as a tourist charter vessel showing people the underwater wonders off the coast of Texas.

With a group of friends posing as an international maritime brokerage firm, Buck enlists eccentric oil billionaire, Allen Jon, to finance the project. The group flies to Cuba to purchase an old submarine only to find too late that the sale was a multi-million dollar scam by a corrupt Cuban official.

But Allen Jon reveals himself to be much more than an eccentric as he uses his resources and ingenuity to turn the tables on the fraud and flee in the Cuban submarine. Buck Davies and his friends unwittingly become the inept crew aboard a rogue submarine struggling to get back home in a comical chase across the Caribbean. Along the way they encounter colorful characters, pirates and romance as they are pursued from one tropical island to the next managing to stay one half step ahead of the world’s navies. In the end, Buck Davies finds a love reignited with a childhood sweetheart and his life turned around in a way he never imagined.
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