Aliens from outer space don't exist and that really pisses them off. But now, the collective consciousness of the human race has given them awareness, technology and a strange agenda we don't understand. They have everything they need to breach humanity's tenuous veil of belief separating real from unreal and somebody’s going to get probed.

Cassandra Vega is a workaholic survivor of violence struggling against severe obsessive compulsive disorder. Her battle against her personal demons becomes ground zero in the battle against little gray people abducting earthlings. As the attack escalates, a group of oddball characters including a toilet paper salesman, a dominatrix and an Army General are drawn to the epicenter of the most dangerous threat the earth has ever faced.

The Truth about UFOs, Aliens, and all that is a surreal novel set in the gray area between sci-fi, comedy and self-parody.

People argue whether or not U.F.O.s are real but they can’t even define what real is.